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Surprise Proposal at Eiffel Tower with B & T !

When Taylor contacted me by email in his search for a photographer in Paris to cover this special moment and tell me about the surprise proposal he planned in Paris with Brittney, it was obvious he knew exactly what he was looking for ! He had in mind doing it at Eiffel Tower, with the perfect setting, no crowd around, and a great lighting ! He also wanted to include some Engagement Photography in Paris afterwards during another session, so that Brittney could feel totally ready and prepared for it !

I offered him several possible locations close to the Eiffel Tower, at different possible times, but doing it in the early just seemed to be the perfect match regarding his expectations ! Photographers in Paris as much as in other locations know that this is a great time, and light is just as good as the one you have with sunset… Just getting up early could sometimes be an issue if you are not a morning person and afraid of puffy eyes !:-)This could feel like crazy in summer when sunrise in Paris comes around 6am !

So after planning carefully with Taylor all the details about the exact time and location close to the Eiffel Tower, and providing him with advices about the surprise proposal, etc., I was ready there on this very morning to shoot a beautiful moment ! …and the magic happened !!! A surprise marriage proposal in Paris is always a mix of stress & excitement for the photographer, but also the best way to wake up all my photojournalist reflexes ! And with Brittney’s reaction and spontaneity, the result is just stunning !

Then we met the next day in central Paris for a far more relaxed engagement photo session, going from bridges (Alexandre III and Lovers Bridge) to Louvre, passing by Concorde square with again some great weather conditions to feature our couple and the beautiful fountains there !

And after enjoying sunset close to the Seine riverside, we ended the photoshoot with night shots at Eiffel Tower… just where everything began !

Proposal photoshoot at Eiffel Tower in Paris
Surprise Proposal at Eiffel Tower
Couple kissing in front of Eiffel Tower
Engagement pictures on trocadero in Paris - France
Couple at Alexandre III bridge in Paris
Couple with Concorde Fountain
Engagement at Lovers Bridge in Paris
Couple Pictures at Louvre in Paris
Panoramic Louvre Couple
Couple behind Notre Dame
Engagement CCouple photo at Eiffel Tower by night
Engagement picture at Eiffel Tower by night

by Pierre, your Photographer in Paris -France !

Elopement in Paris in Notre-Dame gardens with T & N, by your Paris Photographer !

When Trisha contacted me in her search of a photographer in Paris, she was looking for some pictures of her coming elopement in Paris with Nahuel. This beautiful couple now lives in Costa Rica where they met, even if Nahuel is coming from Argentina, and Trisha from the U.S.

Even if having pictures of them in their wedding outfits at Eiffel Tower was a must, Trisha told me about her love of this beautiful picturesque Paris made of typical cafes, cobbled streets, bridges and parisian buildings. The words she had in mind about their special day in Paris with a photographer around, were : “simple & romantic”. So I set up an itinerary that would tell a story about their special day in Paris, with a start at Eiffel Tower for this cloudy day of early Fall in Paris.

Trisha & Nahuel also had the great idea to rent an old CITROEN 2CV car, fitting perfectly with our parisian background of the day, and a perfect prop for some vintage and black and white photography in Paris ! The old car took us after Eiffel Tower closer to Notre-Dame Cathedral, where T&N had a coffee at the terrace of a splendid café, just before a walk to the gardens of Notre-Dame Cathedral, where our couple decided to get married (without celebrant or officiant) by exchanging their vows there ! The setting was just perfect for this magic moment, and is really one of my favorites, as for many photographers in Paris !;-)

Merci Trisha & Nahuel ! A bientôt à Paris !

ps : The company renting those old cars in Paris is ParisAuthentic. Their drivers offer a charming tour of Paris for an unusual discovery of the capital ! Check there website : here.

prewedding at Eiffel Tower - Pierre Paris Photographer

couple portraits at  Eiffel Tower - Pierre Paris Photographer
Paris elopement with old citroen 2CV car - Pierre Paris Photographer
Paris elopement black and white - Paris photographer Pierre
Panoramic wedding vintage picture in Paris -
black and white pictures of wedding in Paris - by Pierre Photographer in Paris
Bride at a café in Paris - Pierre Paris Photographer
Married couple in front a cafe in Paris -
Elopement ceremony at Notre-Dame cathedral - Paris Photography
Vow exchange in Paris - Pierre Torset
Elopement wedding ceremony in a park in Paris -
pre-wedding photos in Paris - by Pierre

by Pierre – Paris Photographer

Engagement photography in Paris with L & A – by your parisian photographer !

Lauren and Adrian are a couple coming from San Francisco, where they are going to get married next summer ! So they just felt they wanted something different for their engagement photos, something at the same time romantic and exotic ! What else than Photography in Paris could it be then ?

It was really a great day that we had to make the photos ! Sunny for the first photo-shoot around midday, and dramatically cloudy for the late afternoon and sunset & night session ! It just was exceptionnally cold this day in Paris (- 5°C) but Lauren did not care about such a detail ! At least that was helping to keep my lovers close each one to another, and also to make all the passers-by feel warmer !

They were such a lovely and friendly couple… Engagement photography in Paris has never been easier !… and still so many french bad words to teach you guys !!!;-)

paris couple photo - notre dame
paris couple photographer - seine riversides
paris couple photography - café and city hall
paris engagement photographer - café and city hall
paris engagement photographer - bridge
paris engagement photographer - bench
paris city hall - couple engagement photographer
 pont des arts - couple paris photographer france
louvre - couple paris photographer france
louvre - couple engagement paris photography
couple engagement paris photography
couple engagement photography - bridge in paris
couple photographer - bridge in paris
couple photography - fountain in paris
couple photographer - fountain and big wheel
eiffel tower - couple photos - paris photographer
eiffel tower - engagement pictures - paris photography

by Pierre – Paris Photography !

M & J – Wedding in pink – by your couple photographer in Paris !

Here is a french wedding for a change, made in the countryside, south of Paris, not far from the Loire Valley Chateaux.

M & J wanted a wedding and couple photographer able to offer colourful pictues because of the theme they chose for their wedding : A pink wedding ! (pink tie, pink socks, pink accessories, …) and also a photographer able to catch the expressions and emotions of this day, mostly because they know well their friends and family, and knew they could expect some surprises…A LOT of surprises in fact ! From the church to the cocktail, it just did not stop !!!

wedding paris photographer getting ready

wedding paris photography getting ready
wedding paris photographer groom getting ready
wedding paris photography groom getting ready
wedding paris photography groom bride
wedding paris photography bride preparing
wedding paris photographer bride preparing
wedding paris photographer bride and groom getting ready
wedding paris photographer city hall
wedding paris photography city hall
wedding paris photography city hall relatives
wedding paris photography church
wedding paris photographer church
wedding paris photographer church entrance
wedding paris photographer church aisle
wedding paris photographer church guests
wedding paris photographer church family
wedding paris photographer couple together
wedding paris photographer surprise
wedding paris photographer looking up
wedding paris photography panoramic
wedding paris photography outside church
wedding paris photography amongst guests
wedding paris photography couple photos
wedding paris photography cocktail
wedding paris photographer cocktail
wedding paris photographer car kiss
wedding paris photographer cocktail 2
wedding paris photography cocktail panoramic
wedding paris photography pink socks
wedding paris photography diner decoration
wedding paris photography dining room

E & B – Couple photography in Montmartre & Sacré-Coeur – by your Paris photographer !

What happens when a mature couple decides to leave the kids at home, and go to Paris for a little trip ? Well, just ask Esther and Bernhard, my american couple for the day !

But when they contacted their Paris photographer, they first told me they wanted something different than just a tour in Paris’ jewels. They wanted something more intimist, something more personal ! So I offered them to go to Montmartre (the ‘Amelie’ area in Paris) on an early sunday morning, to be sure to have the city just for us !

And we had a beautiful morning together !!! E&B carried a big load of good mood with them, and were very playful and tender with each other ! And I even learned in the meantime that they did not completely come without the kids… one was on his way !:-)

couple photography montmartre paris
couple photographer montmartre paris
couple photos montmartre paris
couple photos montmartre paris black and white
couple photos montmartre paris colour
couple photographer paris
couple photographer paris sacré-coeur
honeymoon photographer paris sacré-coeur
honeymoon couple photography paris sacré-coeur
honeymoon couple photography paris montmartre
honeymoon couple pictures paris montmartre
couple pictures paris montmartre - french photographer
couple pictures paris montmartre - paris photographer
couple photos pont des arts - paris photographer

Pierre – Couple Photography in Paris & France