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“I have always been a little untraditional”, Ashley told me when we were planning her elopement photo session. As her Paris photographer I only realized what she meant when I finally met Ashley and her fiancé Jason at the Eiffel Tower to take their elopement pictures. Her wedding dress with the large waterfall hemline was indeed exceptional – and so was her casually styled hairdo! No wonder she was catching the attention of plenty of passerby as we moved through Paris for their elopement photoshoot and their wedding ceremony.

Ashley and Jason are from New York City. They already met during freshman year of college. But for several years they were nothing but good friends. Eventually friendship turned to dating and dating turned to love. In 2013 they decided to embark on a lifetime of travel and adventure together. One year after they got engaged on Thanksgiving weekend in New York City at Washington Square Park with the local Arc de Triomphe in the background.

Ashley and Jason did not want a traditional big wedding – as Ashley already said about themselves: they prefer things a little more unusual. So they began planning a small destination wedding with just their immediate family in attendance. Ashley said: “We chose Paris because it is the most romantic city in the world. What better place to start our lives together!”

The couple wanted at first their ceremony to take place in front of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in Paris (near Louvre) as a reference to the place where they got engaged – the Arc de Triomphe inside New York’s Washington Square Park. But the foot traffic all around this famous Parisian sight just didn’t make this realistic. So as their Paris photographer I helped them searching for a place that is fitting better. In the end Ashley and Jason decided for the Tuileries Gardens nearby. A beautiful and quiet backdrop, which offers a great view on the Eiffel Tower! In this public park the couple found a little privacy to exchange their vows.

Originally Ashley and Jason planned to elope in Paris. But they just could not do without their families! Ashley said: “The only thing I felt I would regret not having at my wedding was a father daughter dance. When I mentioned that my Dad immediately booked flights for himself and my mother to join us in Paris.” (Ashley enjoyed her father daughter dance later on her wedding day to Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely”! 😉

Jason’s parents and his sister booked their flights shortly after. And Ashley’s sister was on board as well – actually she had quite an important task during the elopement in Paris: she was the wedding officiant. “My sister is my best friend, the person I share every important secret and who I go to for advice”, Ashley said. “It was natural to want her to join Jason and I as husband and wife.”

So after Ashley and Jason’s had their elopement session around the Eiffel Tower on Trocadero square, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe du Caroussel, the Seine riverside and a cute little Parisian café, their destination wedding definitely peaked with their ceremony in Tuileries Gardens where they exchanged their vows and wedding rings. Ashley’s choice in bridal gown, hairdo and ceremony was already untraditional. And so was her wedding ring: Ashley chose a bright green emerald as this gem is her birthstone – so it was one more time an exceptional idea for an exceptional day in Ashley and Jason’s lives!

Wedding at EIffel Tower in ParisCeremony at Eiffel Tower in Paris  Bride at Eiffel TowerElopement photo session at Eiffel Tower in ParisBride and groom in Paris - black and white pictureWedding pictures at Louvre in Paris  Ceremony during elopement in Paris Elopement ceremony in Paris  Wedding ceremony in ParisElopement ceremony in Paris gardenElopement in ParisFamily pictures at an elopement in Paris      Bride on stairs in ParisElopement along the Seine river in ParisWedding pictures at a café in Paris

Ashley & Jason’s feedback on photography :

“My husband and I decided to have an elopement in Paris which was finally turning into a destination wedding. We contacted Pierre and he could not have been more helpful. From the beginning he always answered within one day. He gave us insider tips on where to get the best photos and helped us plan our itinerary with our favorite landmarks. Pierre even sent through recommendations for a car rental, hair and makeup artist and venues for dinner and brunch.
The day of our session with Pierre, he checked in with us and our vendors to make sure everyone was running on time. We met at a little coffee shop by the Eiffel Tower at sunrise to go over the days plan, and then headed out. His direction and placement were completely flawless. He was also not afraid to ask tourists very kindly not get in the way of our shots.
If you want a photographer that puts you completely at ease, choose Pierre! His photos are gorgeous and the shots are perfect in lighting and angles. We couldn’t have been happier with our experience. Book Pierre right now!”

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Marcy quickly grabbed two white roses from the vase in her hotel room – two of the three dozen her husband Brian had surprised her with on their first night in Paris. And out the door they went to spend the last day in the French capital with a morning photo session. I met them just shortly after at Louvre to take their honeymoon pictures in Paris. I really appreciated Marcy’s spontaneous idea to take two roses to the session – as their Paris photographer I felt it was nice that the couple was adding a personal touch.

Marcy and Brian are from downtown Chicago, Illinois. They met in 2010. It did not take long until they realized that they were madly in love with each other. Only two years later they decided to tie the knot. They got married in 2012 on a beach in Mexico. Their closest friends and family joined their wedding.

After they got married Marcy and Brian spent months and months researching and planning their perfect honeymoon. Finally the newly weds decided to embark on their dream vacation to Europe. Marcy had never been to Europe before. They were ecstatic to take on this experience together. They wanted to visit Greece and Italy. But of course the first stop had to be Paris. Marcy and Brian definitely wanted their post-wedding pictures to be taken here.

And they were not disappointed – quite the contrary. Marcy said: “Paris was everything I thought it would be and more. It sounds cliché but the city was so romantic. The architecture was breathtaking. The buildings and bridges exuded such classic beauty.” The honeymooners told me that they could wonder the streets for hours taking it all in. Marcy said: “We loved the culture, the cafes, the wine, the pastries and the shopping. There is so much to see I think we will have to come back more than a few times!”

Fortunately on the morning of their honeymoon photoshoot all components were given to make the post-wedding session a perfect one: The streets in Paris were still empty at this early hour. The light was fresh and soft. The way the morning sun fell on Marcy and Brian as they were kissing in front of Louvre, taking a walk on bustling Place de la Concorde and sharing some intimate moments on Bir-Hakeim bridge gazing at the Eiffel tower – the ambiance could not have been more magic.

Above all Marcy and Brian moved so naturally in front of the camera that they completely blended in with the beauty of Paris. And Marcy’s two white roses were just the cherry on the top to make the pictures even more classy and romantic. Marcy and Brian simply made this romantic city their own.

honeymoon pictures in Louvre - Paris

honeymoon photo session in Pariscouple picture in Louvre - Parisfountain shot with couple in Parisphoto session at Concorde square in Parishoneymoon pictures on Alexandre III bridge in Parisview on eiffel tower from bridge in Parishoneymoon paris photographerParis photoshoot - Pierre Paris photographer

Marcy & Brian:
“The final photos brought back such fond memories. Our photo shoot, our time in Paris, and the photos we now have to remind us of such an absolutely perfect experience. We felt very comfortable with you, Pierre. You were a pleasure to work with. From the first shot it was clear that you are capturing moments we knew we’d cherish forever. The sites you took us to each had their own beauty. It was also fun to see some different views of the city that we probably would not have found on our own. And the way you captured the architecture around us was simply beautiful. Your work is incredible!”

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In short, this chapel located in the heart of Paris is probably one of the most beautiful locations to get married and have a ceremony in the french capital ! Paris photographers love it, and so do couples who had the chance to get married in Chapelle Expiatoire for their wedding or their elopement in Paris.

It has the beauty of an historic monument in Paris, the uniqueness of a fashionable wedding place, the intimacy and solemnity of a church or holy place, and it is surrounded by a flourished courtyard and typical Parisian architecture… yes indeed, Chapelle Expiatoire has it all !!! As a Paris Photographer, I had the chance to photograph some beautiful churches in Paris and all over France, but this one is definitely special !

Jessica & James were looking to elope in Paris and have their wedding in a Paris chapel, but the truth is that it gets quite complicated to do it in France while you will only be here in Paris for a few days… and even more if you want to do it in a religious way ! For example a few of the official requirements to have a wedding ceremony in a french church or chapel are to be civilly married before, to meet a priest beforehand, etc.

But Chapelle Expiatoire is not part of the French Clergy, it belongs to the City of Paris ! And this is what makes possible to rent this chapel in Paris for a wedding or elopement ! Chapelle Expiatoire in Paris is open to visitors and amateur photographers for a few hours during daytime, and it can be rented totally and exclusively for one hour (or more), meaning that no one else can get in !

Jessica & James hired a paris officiant to perform the ceremony in the chapel, and it was such a beautiful moment to photograph ! We took the time after the ceremony to do a few pictures outside, and then a few more around in Paris at Alexandre III bridge… and Eiffel Tower of course !

chapelle expiatoirechapelle expiatoire detailsChapel Wedding Parischurch wedding pariswedding church paris francegetting married church parisgetting married chapel pariswedding paris churchkiss paris black whitechapelle expiatoire parischapelle expiatoire paris franceparis wedding chapelwedding bridge parisparis wedding eiffel tower

When Taylor contacted me by email in his search for a photographer in Paris to cover this special moment and tell me about the surprise proposal he planned in Paris with Brittney, it was obvious he knew exactly what he was looking for ! He had in mind doing it at Eiffel Tower, with the perfect setting, no crowd around, and a great lighting ! He also wanted to include some Engagement Photography in Paris afterwards during another session, so that Brittney could feel totally ready and prepared for it !

I offered him several possible locations close to the Eiffel Tower, at different possible times, but doing it in the early just seemed to be the perfect match regarding his expectations ! Photographers in Paris as much as in other locations know that this is a great time, and light is just as good as the one you have with sunset… Just getting up early could sometimes be an issue if you are not a morning person and afraid of puffy eyes ! 🙂 This could feel like crazy in summer when sunrise in Paris comes around 6am !

So after planning carefully with Taylor all the details about the exact time and location close to the Eiffel Tower, and providing him with advices about the surprise proposal, etc., I was ready there on this very morning to shoot a beautiful moment ! …and the magic happened !!! A surprise marriage proposal in Paris is always a mix of stress & excitement for the photographer, but also the best way to wake up all my photojournalist reflexes ! And with Brittney’s reaction and spontaneity, the result is just stunning !

Then we met the next day in central Paris for a far more relaxed engagement photo session, going from bridges (Alexandre III and Lovers Bridge) to Louvre, passing by Concorde square with again some great weather conditions to feature our couple and the beautiful fountains there !

And after enjoying sunset close to the Seine riverside, we ended the photoshoot with night shots at Eiffel Tower… just where everything began !

Proposal photoshoot at Eiffel Tower in ParisSurprise Proposal at Eiffel TowerCouple kissing in front of Eiffel TowerEngagement pictures on trocadero in Paris - FranceCouple at Alexandre III bridge in ParisCouple with Concorde FountainEngagement at Lovers Bridge in ParisCouple Pictures at Louvre in ParisPanoramic Louvre CoupleCouple behind Notre DameEngagement CCouple photo at Eiffel Tower by nightEngagement picture at Eiffel Tower by night

by Pierre, your Photographer in Paris -France !

Nick is from UK and Renee from New Zealand. They met during a trip that Renee took to UK 6 years ago. They felt that a Chateau in France would be a great venue to symbolize their union with elegance & character, and would make it perfect to welcome both families coming from abroad in a charming french location.

They chose Chateau Saint Julien because it is a large imposing & beautifully furnished Chateau in the center of France & south of Paris, easy to connect with. It was perfect for the wedding as it could accomodate all the guests in the Chateau’s Deluxe bedrooms, and allows to spend the entire weekend there with the large estate around the Chateau & enjoy the local way of life with the nearby cute little village of Saint Julien l’Ars. I have been shooting weddings a few times there and I must confess that it is a great location for wedding photography near Paris.

But unfortunately, Renee already knew the day before that rain was going to fall all day long on her wedding day, and that we could not enjoy as planned the ceremony under the oak’s alley outside, the cocktail on the terrace and pictures outside with the Chateau’s background. But as soon as I saw her in the morning of the wedding day with the same fresh and contagious smile she had the whole day long, I knew it was not going to be an issue !

The theme was sober and simple with yellow, pink & purple pastel notes spread in bouquets and maid’s dresses. It was a perfect fit with the Chateau’s interiors decoration (framed mirror, large glosses, wooden furnitures,…) that was already classy with a dominant of yellow and beige tones. The perfect balance between lightness and elegance, and just awesome for great indoor photography !

While Renee was getting ready with her friends with laughs and a glass of white wine, Nick helped coordinating the ceremony that took place in the dining room of the Chateau Saint Julien. A cute detail : Renee decided for flat shoes not to look taller than Nick on pictures !

After the ceremony, the cocktail was set up around 3 connecting large rooms at the first floor of the Chateau, each one with a different atmosphere. And we picked a large & long yellow corridor for our group and couple pictures before heading to the reception and diner in Chateau Saint Julien ‘s Orangery.

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