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Engagement Photoshoot in Paris with Theresa and David

Theresa and David were indeed very lucky !

It’s quite rare to have such a perfect sky during a whole morning in Paris ! But it actually happened for their engagement photoshoot in Paris !

We had a 4hrs photo session together, from Eiffel Tower at sunrise to Louvre courtyard (with the pyramid), with a wardrobe change, and then a stop at a café for some pictures, and 2 more stops by late morning : the gorgeous Alexandre III bridge with the golden statues and Concorde square, famous for its beautiful fountains. And during this whole time, the sky has just been perfect for this mid-spring photo shoot in the City of Love. I loved both outfits that Theresa picked for her session. The first was colorful and so nicely popping up. And the 2nd one was elegant, but not overly formal.

Engagement photoshoot pictures in Paris - Couple at Eiffel TowerCouple walking in front of the Eiffel Tower during the engagement photoshootEngagement photo session in Paris at Eiffel Tower - hand in hand showing the engagement ringPortrait of a couple getting their engagement photoshoot in paris at Eiffel TowerCouple dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower for their engagement photoshoot in paris FranceCouple walking up the stairs at Trocadero for their engagement shoot in Paris

When, where and how did you meet and fall in love with each other?

We met at university in Montreal, when David was a senior and I was a freshman. He moved to Seattle for work after graduating and I lost touch with him for many years until I randomly messaged him on Facebook about 6 years later, and we got back in touch. We continued to chat every day (for hours and hours and hours) until I decided to fly to Seattle to visit him. I don’t know the exact moment that we fell in love, but it was very very shortly after that!

When, where and how did he propose?

David proposed to me on September 12, 2016. I flew to Seattle to visit him for a weekend, and he secretly flew my friends to Seattle beforehand to surprise me when I arrived. They said that they were all there for my birthday (which was partly true because my birthday was coming up soon) and kept the proposal plans a secret. The next day, we all went on a treasure hunt throughout the city together, which involved solving riddles – David had also printed photos of us as clues. The treasure hunt ultimately lead to a nearby beach and lighthouse. We had a picnic dinner with our friends at the beach, and right as the sun was setting, he asked me if I wanted to come with him to see the lighthouse. I said no, not really because I wanted to eat my dinner. He was insistent and I gave in – we walked towards the lighthouse and that’s when he proposed! I nodded yes in excitement.

Why did you decide to come to Paris (and chose to have a photo session here)?

I always wanted to visit and he had surprised me with tickets to Paris for my birthday (the same birthday that he used as a cover up for the proposal!). We thought it was the perfect opportunity to have our engagement photoshoot in  Paris and we are SO glad we did!

Couple at staircase in Trocadero for their engagement in Parisblack and white pictures during an engagement photoshoot in ParisEngagement photoshoot at Louvre in Paris - widen angle pictureCouple kissing and walking at Louvre museum during their engagementCouple at Louvre pyramid for their engagement photo session in ParisEngagement photos in Paris at Louvre pyramid - by Pierre Paris PhotographerCouple walking in Paris for their engagement picturesCouple at café in Paris having their engagement pictures takenBlack and white engagement pictures of a couple sitting at a café in ParisPortrait of a couple sitting at a café in Paris FrancePhotos of a couple at a café during an engagement photoshoot in parisEngagement photo in Paris of couple in front of a fountain at Concorde squarePictures during Engagement photoshoot of a couple in Paris at Concorde square

Which moment did you like most during your Paris trip/ photo session?

We really liked our shoot at the Trocadero in front of the Eiffel Tower. We had just landed in Paris the night before the photo session, so we didn’t really have a chance to see a lot of Paris that night. We got to see the buzzy atmosphere in Le Marais on a Saturday night, which was great. Then, Sunday morning for our session was the first time we truly saw the Eiffel Tower and to see it early in the morning when it wasn’t crowded and with the sun rising in the distance was magical.

We also really liked hearing the church bells in the morning and hearing random music out of windows on the streets 🙂

What was totally different than expected in Paris/ during the photo session?

We expected there to be many crowds but was really pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t overly crowded! I’m sure the early morning session helped with that.

I was also really surprised at how fun and comfortable the shoot was! I think we are fairly camera-shy and we just felt really natural and completely involved and immersed in the moment. Your directions and guidance for poses were super helpful too. Thanks for making us feel comfortable during the shoot!

Couple on a bridge in paris for their engagement photoshoot in ParisCouple pictures on Alexandre III bridge - by Pierre Paris PhotographerEngagement photo in Paris on a bridgeAlexandre III bridge is perfect for engagement photoshoots in Paris

Do you already have plans or ideas for your wedding (eg. date, style, location)?

We are still trying to determine our wedding location, but we definitely want to bring in themes from our Paris trip!

What are your future plans together?

We plan to live together happily ever after! … and to visit Paris again!

Pictures by Pierre – Paris Photographer