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What happens when a mature couple decides to leave the kids at home, and go to Paris for a little trip ? Well, just ask Esther and Bernhard, my american couple for the day !

But when they contacted their Paris photographer, they first told me they wanted something different than just a tour in Paris’ jewels. They wanted something more intimist, something more personal ! So I offered them to go to Montmartre (the ‘Amelie’ area in Paris) on an early sunday morning, to be sure to have the city just for us !

And we had a beautiful morning together !!! E&B carried a big load of good mood with them, and were very playful and tender with each other ! And I even learned in the meantime that they did not completely come without the kids… one was on his way ! 🙂

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Pierre – Couple Photography in Paris & France

Katarina and Nicolay decided to get married in Paris, in Château d’Esclimont (in Paris’ southern outskirts)… until this friendly couple realized that the end of september may be a bit cool to organize such event here ! So they changed the place, booked the sun, and decided to keep Paris as their pre-wedding trip, indeed the perfect transition between their home in Frozen-Moscow and their wedding place in Mild-Andalousia ! When Katarina contacted me to be their photographer in Paris, she was looking for a mix of posed and candid photography. The way she described the places and the itinerary, I also understood at once that she was looking for something more fashionable and glamorous !

So we had altogether a very very busy day in Great Paris with a few of their friends and relatives. After a quick hairdressing and shopping session in early Paris, we went to Chateau de Versailles. Well, it was not the main goal to get there, but as it was located on the road to our destination, it was of course an inevitable stop ! We arrived finally in Chateau d’Esclimont, formerly intended to be the reception place for their wedding… a beautiful castle, perfect for any photographer.

Then the afternoon takes us back to central Paris, in a very special fitting room : Dior’s private lounges ! My first time there… well, it’s kind of cozy ! 🙂 The dress had to be fitting with the wedding’s theme and colour : Lavender !

After waking up slowly from this princess’ dream, I realize that we still have some daylight to enjoy. Katarina and Nicolay give me carte blanche for the location… Montmartre it will be then ! After hanging around a bit, Katarina is posing for one of the local painters in Place du Tertre, the main square in Montmartre. We end the day by a little detour on one of the bridges having the best view on the Eiffel tower… what a day !!!

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By Pierre, your engagement photographer in Paris !

One thing is for sure : A & J didn’t lack ideas! Going for a winter wedding is already not the easiest task but on top of that those two lovers decided for a couple photography session two days before their actual wedding day, just a few days before Christmas…

No sooner said than done on a mid december day , I met my couple at the famous bridal dress shop “Pronuptia Paris” for the last preparations and refinements. It is precisely on this romantic playground where the future bridal couple discovered each other in their wedding outfits… A perfect setting for the couple photographer: all those romantic dresses and enchanting accessories against the background of the shop abundantly decorated for Christmas could playfully be integrated in the photographs. And even one more plus: far and wide there were no other clients in the shop on this rainy afternoon, it belonged only to the loving couple and their Paris photographer – how lucky we were !

After those magic moments in the shop the couple and their photographer venture outside, heading to the city hall of the same “arrondissement” (Paris district). How glamorous – the opulent staircase in the entrance hall, the solemn wedding hall and the hall with magnificent colorful stained glass windows!

And in the end follows the marvelous Christmas market topped with an old carousel. If you would like to enjoy a ride for free, just ask for it – as long as you wear your wedding dresses and you have a photographer with you, nobody will deny your wish! 😉 A & J enjoyed this atmospheric completion of their couple photography shoot in Paris, they even don’t mind the rain. On the contrary the reflections on the wet street asphalt and the big umbrella under which the couple comes closer add up to the romantic mood on the Christmas market.

Even all good things come to an end – but not before this last picture shot: A & J visibly enjoying their role playing in the window of the wedding dress shop (scroll down to the last picture).

This was really an original photography shot in Paris with a couple full of tenderness, humor and inventiveness. Many thanks to them!

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Olivia & Dan are living and working in Paris. So it made it quite easy for them to find the perfect the location for their wedding, and then also to find their perfect photographer too ! 🙂 They decided to get married in the beautiful Chateau Saint Julien, located in the french countryside, one and a half hour train ride from Paris only. A great location not only because it is close to Paris, but also because they wanted a place where they could welcome their guests easily, mostly when most of them were coming from so far to witness this very special day.

The ceremony they did outside was very touching, and looked at the same time simple and beautiful, with this mix of yellow and purple contrasting well with the green nature all around ! It gave great results : bright colors and luminous pictures, just perfect for the photographer ! After playing a bit with the group pictures, the cocktail went on perfectly too, and they were lucky enough to have an amazing sunny day fitting with the glamorous touch of having such a party in a Chateau.

Finally the french touch came in with the dinner during the evening, even if the sequence of speeches reminded us that we were in a real american wedding ! The dessert was 100% french with the ‘piece montee’ (this tower cake we see at the end).

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By Pierre, your Paris photographer !

No pre-couple shoot with their Paris photographer and no getting ready session ! S & A just wanted it all the way spontaneous and candid ! And I understood why ! The religious ceremony started with something very unformal : the bride and the groom together walking through the aisle as they entered into the church. Quite an effect, and the music (live band) with it was beautiful ! In fact, the whole ceremony had this very personal touch, but without taking away the fundamentals ! Just lovely !

After the ceremony, only a little 15 min walk separeted us from the reception and cocktail place. To tell you the truth, I quite like the processions, mostly when they go through some beautiful little french village, it jult looks like the perfect scenery for an intimate wedding, and it is of course great for the photography 🙂 Then we arrived at the place, an old distillery that has been renovated by a very nice couple. This one is located about 50 km near Tours (an important regional city located about 150km of Paris). The place is a beautiful mix of contemporean art and old stones, history and exotism, magical and conviviality. And just perfect for the photographer because of how much colorful it is ! And the monuments themselves offer so many perspectives.

After the cocktail & the diner made in buffet-style, our couple left for a surprize : a very personal and hilarious evening tale close to a pond, with lights and candles all over the place. Just an incredible atmosphere !  No flash was permitted ! And then the night ceremony ended with some thai air balloons, and another tale around the fire place and then it was time to… DANCE of course !!!


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In the next article I’ll feature the photography of  an american wedding in a Chateau not very far from Paris. By Pierre, your photographer in Paris !