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Here is a french wedding for a change, made in the countryside, south of Paris, not far from the Loire Valley Chateaux.

M & J wanted a wedding and couple photographer able to offer colourful pictues because of the theme they chose for their wedding : A pink wedding ! (pink tie, pink socks, pink accessories, …) and also a photographer able to catch the expressions and emotions of this day, mostly because they know well their friends and family, and knew they could expect some surprises…A LOT of surprises in fact ! From the church to the cocktail, it just did not stop !!!

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Here we are ! Located in the south of Paris, in a nice little french provincial city with an adorable couple ! We made the engagement session two days before the wedding. First because they wanted to enjoy during the main day, and second because there were plenty of locations they wanted to include (and I had a few ideas on my own as well 🙂 I think those engagement pictures helped them too in relaxing them and giving the future bride the beautiful smile she had for the two different days.

Complicity and closeness between them were easy to feel all as much during the couple shoot as during the wedding afterwards ! I really really like those pre-wedding sessions wit couples, they are just perfect for the photographer to get great pictures as well !!! What a pity that they are not so developed in France and Europe !

And for the main day, everything just felt so smooth and easy-going, That was amazingly contributing in giving my photography some great results there ! In that case only, I feel like it is okay to leave for a while Paris ! Photographers know that a wedding day cannot be overloaded and it was the case here. Just beautiful !


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In the next article article, we’ll feature another wedding away from Paris, near the the Loire Valley, but with a beautiful couple as well ! By Pierre, your Paris photographer  😉

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