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S & A – Wedding pictures near the Loire Valley – by your Paris photographer !

No pre-couple shoot with their Paris photographer and no getting ready session ! S & A just wanted it all the way spontaneous and candid ! And I understood why ! The religious ceremony started with something very unformal : the bride and the groom together walking through the aisle as they entered into the church. Quite an effect, and the music (live band) with it was beautiful ! In fact, the whole ceremony had this very personal touch, but without taking away the fundamentals ! Just lovely !

After the ceremony, only a little 15 min walk separeted us from the reception and cocktail place. To tell you the truth, I quite like the processions, mostly when they go through some beautiful little french village, it jult looks like the perfect scenery for an intimate wedding, and it is of course great for the photography 🙂 Then we arrived at the place, an old distillery that has been renovated by a very nice couple. This one is located about 50 km near Tours (an important regional city located about 150km of Paris). The place is a beautiful mix of contemporean art and old stones, history and exotism, magical and conviviality. And just perfect for the photographer because of how much colorful it is ! And the monuments themselves offer so many perspectives.

After the cocktail & the diner made in buffet-style, our couple left for a surprize : a very personal and hilarious evening tale close to a pond, with lights and candles all over the place. Just an incredible atmosphere !  No flash was permitted ! And then the night ceremony ended with some thai air balloons, and another tale around the fire place and then it was time to… DANCE of course !!!


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In the next article I’ll feature the photography of  an american wedding in a Chateau not very far from Paris. By Pierre, your photographer in Paris !