Paris is just about one of the greatest placse to get pictures around !
All the scenery here seems to be made for that ! So let your photographer in Paris take you through the sloping paved streets of Montmartre, let's cross together the most stunning bridges, let me show you the best views on the Eiffel tower, le Sacré-Coeur or le Moulin Rouge, or let's just take the time to feel Paris differently ... whatever you are looking for in Paris, the idea is for you to enjoy being together by discovering or rediscovering the City of Lights, and get some great photos out of it !

With some candid shots here by forgetting for a time the camera, or with poses there for some more artistic and fashion photos, your photographer in Paris (or all over France) adapts to your expectations and guides you to get the best out of your model attitude or to let you move around freely !

So whether you will be in Paris / France for a special occasion (engagement, wedding , proposal...) or just for holidays & enjoying the french way of life (and food!), discover here some of my Paris Photography according to your expectations.

Enjoy the visit !

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