Getting married in Paris ?

Congratulations! Your love story reached a peak: You and your loved one finally decided to tie the knot! And you want to celebrate this happy and crucial once in a lifetime-moment in Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

Either you decide to get married or to elope here – one thing is for sure: Paris has it all to get amazing wedding or elopement pictures. The reason is simple: With its breathtaking architecture, stunning bridges, romantic side streets and charming cafes Paris is the perfect background for your pictures. As your Paris photographer I will guide you to the best spots for your wedding shoot or your elopement session in the city of love.

Your decision to elope or get married in Paris is a life changing and cheerful one. Thereby it is most important that you have a great time in Paris, that you enjoy your celebration of love and that you feel at ease during the photo session. You have never done a photoshoot before? Don’t worry – we will make it a fun and easygoing time!

As your Paris Photographer I know plenty of tips and tricks to make your wedding shoot or elopement session a fun, smooth and joyful experience: I can either guide you finding some elegant and glamorous poses for rather stylish shots, or help you moving and expressing naturally for some candid pictures. But most importantly: Just relax and enjoy this great city of Paris all around you and everything will come very naturally - even for grooms. ;-)

One thing is for sure: Paris got it all to make it an unforgettable experience for you. Although it depends too for example on the weather or the light on the day you get married or elope: It can be pretty cold in wintertime, some raindrops can fall in spring, the sunlight could dazzle you on a warm summer day or the autumn wind tousel your hair. But together we will find a way that your smile can shine through.

…for a romantic elopement in Paris…

For sure you don’t have to run away sudden and secretly for your elopement in Paris. But maybe you cannot bring all your friends and family to your Paris elopement. Maybe you even prefer to keep it small and intimate: Just the two of you exchanging your wedding vows and your wedding rings in Paris. Well, the only person you lovebirds have to share this intimate moment with is of course me, your Paris photographer! This way you have the chance to get elopement pictures to share with family and friends back home.

It’s all about true romance in the city of love: Whether you will go for an intimate ceremony in a romantic park, a hidden chapel or on the foot of the famous Eiffel Tower to tie the knot, or you will simply wander the streets of Paris in your awesome wedding gown to get some great elopement pictures in Paris. Your elopement photoshoot in Paris will make this emotional moment and the love between the two of you unforgettable.

…and for your destination Wedding pictures !

Or you can play it a little bit bigger with a destination wedding in Paris: All your friends and family are on board and setting off to the French capital to join your wedding. You will for sure enjoy romantic moments and a bustling party together with your loved ones by getting married in Paris.

As your wedding photographer I will be on your side during every moment of this decisive day: Maybe you shed a few happy tears catching sight of your significant other at the church, your mums may cry rivers during the ceremony and your friends toss petals on your wedding exit. Maybe the little ones play hide and seek during the reception, you may be giggling trying to cut your wedding cake and maybe your dads rock the dance floor first. I will make sure that all this happy moments of your destination wedding in Paris are captured on candid pictures.

But the spontaneity of the day is just one side – you might also like some styled shots: Maybe you are getting ready for your wedding day in an old-style apartment with a view on Paris, maybe you would cherish some couple pictures in front of the Chateaux where you are having your party and set some group pictures with friends and family in the gardens of the wedding venue. As your wedding photographer I will help you finding some glamorous poses for some stylish and classy wedding pictures.

And of course I will think about your dress, your bouquet and your ring, the table decoration, the meal and the cake – all the pretty details of you wedding day. You will have a memories of all that. Your wedding pictures will make this cheerful moments last and keep treasure you memories. Even after years you can skip through the photographs of your destination wedding in Paris and feel the joy of this romantic day again.

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